Graduation Project - Mershe, War-Cleric of Itharia

My graduation project from NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda, the Netherlands. She's also my oldest D&D character, a 12th-level tempest cleric.

Alice jooren screenshot003

The mask functions as her holy symbol - the literal face of her goddess - to channel her divine magic through.

Alice jooren screenshot002
Alice jooren screenshot001
Alice jooren screenshot005

The flail she carries doubles as an incense carrier and censer, used both in rituals and during combat to help fight the undead.

Alice jooren screenshot004

The shield design is mostly inspired by 16th-century Ottoman shields made of wicker.

Alice jooren screenshot006

The heraldic tiles I made are loosely based off those from Cleeve Abbey in Somerset, a medieval monastery. I used the heraldic shields of various noble families from my dnd campaign as an easter egg.